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Lisa was all for volunteers and volunteering where ever and when ever the need.

She bribed her friends and family in donating blood. She would do whatever they wanted her to do but first they had to sign their driver's licensee or accompany her to donate blood first.

What would people have done if Lisa hadn't donated blood? So many people would have been at a real loss. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood,
Because Lisa was good at bribing, she became good at recruiting, leading and coaching. 

She loved attention and to make her awareness known. All activities that helped with children, disabled adults, the elderly and those in emergency need Lisa was all for it,going forward and wanting to do bigger and better things. She wanted to go further and always thinking of ways to exceed.  She was a student nurse, promised to be brave, will show she's not afraid, acted like she had done this a million times already so patients would feel at ease when she was on the floor. Smiling all the way, words of comfort come easy for her as she tends, with all her skills and makes no complaints, she mends.

She would come home after a long hard day, not complaining but physically weary, still her inner light glowed brightly, if you are to get sick, you are mighty lucky to have a nurse happen to you.  She cared for those who came her way. She had so much joy and laughter to lift weary souls.  She had gentle healing hands and those who needed her were blessed to have her care for them.

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